Appellate Litigation

At LPS, we understand that appellate litigation is fundamentally different than a trial. The rules and concepts change. Arguments are made to multiple judges, who are new to the case and analyze it from a different perspective that the trial judge.   The unique challenges of the appellate forum place parties without an experienced appellate specialist at a distinct disadvantage. Our appellate advocates provide the sophistication and experience that clients need to maximize their prospects for success.

As advocates with experience in hundreds of appeals, our attorneys are able to provide the creativity, skill, and tactical savvy so crucial for a winning appeal. With the know-how of a full-service law firm, along with appellate experience in a vast array of subject areas, LPS is uniquely situated to advocate for clients with appellate court needs. Our appellate experience ranges from family law and probate; to real estate, business practices, torts and insurance.

Our appellate lawyers provide the full range of services relating to appeals and accompanying legal issues, including:

  • helping clients make the best decision for them on whether an appeal should be pursued;
  • filing tactical motions and tactics designed to help gain an edge for the client, reduce expenses, or expedite decision-making;
  • pursuing interlocutory appeals and writ petitions in urgent matters, where ordinary timelines will not provide effective relief;
  • producing cogent, powerful appellate briefs on the merits;
  • advocating for clients in oral argument hearings; and
  • consulting with trial counsel during trial; including tactical advice for refining and preserving key issues, and furnishing motions and briefs designed to provide strategic advantages on appeal.

Our appellate litigation attorneys are dedicated to using creative, skillful advocacy at every step of the process to preserve our clients’ rights on appeal, protect their trial court victories, and contest adverse decisions. At LPS, we take our client’s trust seriously, and are committed to achieving the best possible results for them.

For additional information about our Appellate Litigation practice, contact a lawyer at LPS.