Business & Corporate Transactions

The business and corporate attorneys of LPS emphasize full service, prompt, cost-effective and responsive service to meet the needs of high-tech startups, established family businesses, community banks, tax-exempt organizations, professional practice groups, publicly traded corporations or major financial institutions.

Our attorneys advise clients at any stage of development about the best ways to pursue opportunities while identifying and managing risk with respect to such matters as:

  • Entity selection, registration, restructuring, expansion or dissolution of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies;
  • Business operations as they might be affected by considerations of employment law, tax law, securities law, or even California probate or family law;
  • Business transactions ranging from customer or vendor contracts to joint ventures, distributorships or real estate projects;
  • Intellectual property advice for high-tech entrepreneurs, e-commerce retailers, software developers and distributors, buyers and sellers of licenses, or venture capital investors;
  • General counsel services for small businesses, new business entities or closely-held corporations;
  • Corporate or partnership transactions to accommodate expansion, effect a sale or merger, or manage the departure of an equity principal;
  • Business, corporate or partnership litigation, including alternative dispute resolution.

Perfectly situated in the entrepreneurial environment of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our lawyers bring proven experience with startups and early-stage companies that need to be positioned for fundraising through attention to corporate formation, capitalization and early-stage financing through common, preferred, or convertible securities issues.

Our corporate clients include both local and foreign entrepreneurs who have relied on our legal counsel to help them start companies in the Bay Area. Over the years, a number of our clients have had successful exits via merger or acquisition, while some have gone public in the U.S. or Europe.

For additional information about our Business & Corporate Transactions practice, contact a lawyer at LPS.