Family Law

The family law attorneys of LPS are unique to the Bay Area in that they operate within a sophisticated, full-service law firm. This positioning results in ready access to a breadth of legal resources in virtually all legal areas that might touch upon complex financial family law matters including real estate, business, tax and estate planning.

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with the interrelation between business matters and family law, including the valuation of businesses and the analysis of complicated compensation and investment structures, and their tax consequences.

We provide services in all aspects of marital dissolution and child custody law, including matters such as:

  • Alternative dispute resolution proceedings (mediation, collaborative practice);
  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Trial, post-judgment and appellate matters.
  • Postmarital agreements;
  • Cohabitation agreements;

We assist parties within a wide range of financial circumstances, but with a special emphasis on representing high-income individuals (and their spouses) and those with large and complex estates.

Our family law clients include partners of many of the large San Francisco law firms, investment bankers and principals of investment, venture capital, and consulting firms, business owners ranging from restaurateurs to those owning and operating international corporations and holding companies, physicians, real estate syndicators, and the spouses of the foregoing.

For additional information about our Family Law practice, contact a lawyer at LPS.