Trust & Probate Litigation

LPS provides dependable advice and advocacy for clients for will and trust contests, trust administration disputes, estate and gift tax audits, conservatorships and guardianships, and any other dispute that lands in probate court or tax court.

There are many situations when the advice of a skilled trust and probate litigation attorney can help promote a favorable settlement, achieve a good result in mediation or arbitration, or a victory in probate court, including:

  • Disputes as to the validity or terms of a last will and testament or trust document
  • Disputes between a personal representative (executor or administrator) and decedent’s heirs.
  • Questions as to the proper ownership of a particular asset — estate, trust or lifetime transferee
  • Asset valuation questions
  • Disputes between trustees and beneficiaries, or among beneficiaries or co-trustees
  • Disputes as to the honesty or competence of a fiduciary, such as an executor, administrator, personal representative, trustee, guardian or conservator
  • Estate or trust tax controversies, including audits of estate, gift or trust tax returns
  • Business management succession disputes
  • Questions as to the need to appoint a guardian or conservator to protect an elderly, disabled or minor person’s physical well-being or property

Our trust and probate litigation attorneys are committed to helping our clients advance their interests while managing expenses and risks, whether the best approach involves litigation, mediation, or other form of alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys understand that family relationships are often at stake and under stress in these kinds of disputes. Our approach to the resolution of your dispute takes into account the totality of your circumstances in advancing your interests.

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