Javier Bastidas


Since I joined the firm, I have focused my practice on Business Transactional concerns and Intellectual Property, mostly Trademark law. Before law school, I worked for a commercial animation studio in Manhattan. I grew up “across the river” as the only Latino in my high school class. Needless to say, my life in the New Jersey suburbs was very different what I found in the Big Apple. Looking back, I recognize that my previous isolation stifled me and becoming part of a larger, more diverse community certainly strengthened my character.

When I was in college, the Rodney King riots and associated trial were the big news events that occurred just before my graduation. I recall thinking that reform of governmental policies was necessary to further advance our society’s quest toward true equality, including but beyond race and gender, and I naively believed that this change would occur sooner rather than later.

It’s now much later and still not enough change has occurred yet. While there may have been some steps forward, we unfortunately have had some serious steps back, as well.

Before I joined the firm, for five years I worked as a Supervising Attorney with the Justice & Diversity Center of San Francisco (“JDC”). As can be recognized in its name, the main missions of the JDC are to advocate for the underrepresented sectors and to promote causes that helped greater diversify the legal profession. I’m very proud of the accomplishments we made during my time with the JDC.

I applaud the LPS partnership for creating this Diversity Committee. Upon hearing about its formation, I immediately volunteered to become a member, believing that this change of which I’d dreamed can only happen if each one of us is willing to do something about it. After all, moving a mountain starts with carrying away the small stones. As Co-Chair for the Diversity Committee, I will strive to help move as many stones as possible.